Blogging as The Brazen Pen


“Try not to be a person of success but rather a person of value.”

~Albert Einstein


I Am . . .

. . . a business strategist (with an specialty in intellectual property), a speaker, educator, and indie author.

Strategic Business Partner

I serve as a strategic business partner for entrepreneurs looking to maximize the exploitation of creative assets. As a business strategist and information analyst, I place emphasis on engaging in proactive and strategic solutions to business challenges.

Via my consulting business and my work with the Success Blossoms Entrepreneur Network, I partner with creative artists and leaders as they build their knowledge into power and unleash that power into a thriving business. I help business owners develop strategic initiatives that correlate with long-term business goals and break those initiatives down into manageable tasks. No strategic plan holds its value without implementation. Accordingly, I hold individuals accountable for reaching designated milestones and monitoring the metrics that are key to their industry.

I work with all entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs regardless of industry, excelling at coaching businesses built around intellectual property and creative assets.

Author of Genre Fiction and Transformative Non-Fiction

Under the pseudonym Lisa Rayne, I write genre fiction and intellectual thrillers. Under my given name, I write non-fiction about leveraging your natural cognitive style to learn the key skills needed to maximize personal achievement.

Follow me on Twitter via @LisaRBrooksJD or my fiction-writing alter ego via @AuthorRayne.